Work Examples- Environmental & Spatial Design

environmental & Spatial design

“Environmental and Spatial Design deals with the design of interior and exterior environments and spaces, applying sustainable practices to the design of retail and commercial spaces, or the design of products and environments that promote usability.”(ECU Handbook, 2014)

Here are a few examples of my strengths and interests in the discipline of environmental and spatial design. My focus is largely on the artistic and aesthetic side of design which you will notice in the creative projects below.

Graffiti:  “Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.” But is it Graffiti if its not illicit? I love the style, colours and originality that graffiti brings. It can be used as an art form to change a boring space to something profound, it can liven up any surface and is mostly original to the individual.

261253_10150303977253352_1772639_n (1) 269843_10150303977333352_3170999_n

I First began creating graffiti art when i had a gangsta themed party for my 20th birthday. I designed the entire theme and decor for the party and decided that graffiti would be the perfect inclusion. I’d never embarked on this sort of art before so i consulted you-tube and Google to learn all the techniques and styles i could. The above piece is a 2x3m canvas with spray painted graffiti, i created this with the idea of letting people do their own graffiti in the form of a birthday message.

mobile 030

First ever spray painted piece


IMG_051801963c8ac8a81b3b993980798d194289c89245a76d This canvas was made for the AIM program for youth out of juvenile detention

From my Birthday party till now I’ve created many canvases and projects for other people (unfortunately i forget to take pictures). It all began as something i did for the love of the art but as times gone by my graffiti canvas’ are now something I’m payed for. From friends parties and events to businesses requesting me to design and paint murals and backdrops for them. A really wise man once said to me “if you do what you’ve been made most gifted at, people will pay you for it!”



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