Work examples: Environmental and spatial design

 Set design & Installation

Environmental and spatial design is a broad discipline that covers the design of interior and exterior environments and spaces. Designers in this field have a focus or motivation to promote usability in the products and environments that they design.

Set design is an area that focus’ on the viewer audience, designers create sets and scenery that aim to fully immerse the viewer in the production. There are many types of productions that use set design to emphasize their effectiveness to the viewer/audience, e.g. Theater, film, television, concerts, etc.

We’ll Have a Ball | Church Stage Design IdeasHanging Masons | Church Stage Design Ideas

I engage in the design and installment of sets and event back drops at my local church (Globalheart), we regularly have events and guest speakers who we design particular sets for and our regular stage sets that change every month or so.

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These are all sets that the Globalheart creative team and myself put together, we have a massive privilege to do what we do as our sets are viewed by more than 1,000 people each week and have had world famous guests in front of them e.g. Darlene Zschech- Hillsong church worship leader.

Such a privilege does come with a lot of responsibility, we discuss and come up with a design, it must be acceptable to the church leaders and non offensive in content to church attenders. We also have to meet a budget and then source the materials our selves which we then use to setup the entire project.

photo 1photo 2

These are two examples of ideas i sketched up before coming together with the team to collaborate our ideas and design the next set.


This was a controversial set we made as many people complained they were offended by the triangles and what they represent to them. To me a triangle is a shape but in design you must think further than yourself.


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