My names Shardae Sutton and i currently live in the only place I’ve ever lived,  Perth W.A. I still live at home, I own a Hyundai excel that breaks down more than it actually drives. I’m currently studying a bachelor of creative industries majoring in interior and spatial design. I’ve previously studied to be a teacher but realized whilst on ‘prac’ that i don’t  like teaching; not even children that much. I grew up in the northern suburbs with the beach just walking distance from my home. I’m the eldest of four siblings, two brothers and a sister and i wouldn’t have it any other way. I had a lot of responsibility for my brothers in past years as my family experienced much struggle for a long time . The biggest was my little sisters constant seizures that eventually caused her severe brain damage. Today I’m grateful for every experience; good and bad as it has made made me wiser and stronger than i would ever have been.

Creativity has always been something I’ve instinctively used; from a child I can remember the make believe games, decorating my dolls house, making dress-ups, drawing constantly, play-dough creations, making things out of wood in dads garage, etc. My Dad was always my biggest inspiration, he and i would sit together drawing funny cartoons and pictures for hours. He always had tremendous creative skills, he created most wooden things in our house and used to make the most imaginative play grounds and equipment for us to play on.

In my experiences I’ve noticed that I’m mainly used for my creative abilities more than anything else, the greatest example would be at the church i attend “Globalheart church”. There I design the main stage backdrops and props, I also work with a team to come up with the ideas for decor and sets when we have events. For example we covered the stage backdrop with blue, grey & white 30 x 30 cm ply wood hexagons, they were fitted together forming an amazing pattern. Previously w’eve had fluro painted bike tires hanging from the roof, colored buckets with painted Styrofoam balls falling from them in mid air. W’eve  made walls out of wood frames and cellophane, city landscape cut out of ply & painted black with lights shinning up and so many other set design ideas. Another area is my graffiti art which has been used for banners at events, peoples parties, and recently for a youth program for adolescence out of juvy. I find it incredibly rewarding to use my talents for the good of others, its definitely what i aspire to in the future.

My dream is to be successful with the creative talents I’ve been given, i want to go beyond the normal limits and do things in new innovative ways. I care about people and i believe that helping people and bringing pleasure to peoples lives is highly rewarding. I want to use my creative talents to do this; i want to improving things that are lacking, bring new innovations where others have failed, and  cause new ways of thinking and doing things. For example hospitals are a place for sick people and sick children, but why have an environment that makes you feel worse?  Churches are a historical concept, but why keep the delivery of church the same? My greatest abilities are creative, if i can use these to help or please someone else in any way i would feel fulfilled and that is success for me.


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